About Worthmore

Our plan to transform one of the most polluting industries in the world

Our mission isn't just to build a telecom company. It's to highlight the power of community, take action against the dystopian future we seem to face, and turn a commodity like our mobile phone subscription into something Worthmore.

For a competitive 149 kr./mo., you enjoy reliable telecom services and the opportunity to be a part of supporting people, projects and organizations workingto build a future we can be proud of. But how did we Start Our journey?

About Hero

Step 1

We built an awesome team

Combine passion, creativity, technical ability, storytelling, and vision around a common interest to create something... that matters.

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CEO & Founder

Nothing magical is safe. Nothing safe is magical.

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CTO & Founder

If at first you dont succeed, try try again.

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Front-end Developer

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Front-end Developer

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Front-end Developer

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Head of Partnerships and Impact

Step 2

We set goals

Like what do we want to stand for, and why do we think it was important

Be impactful

We contribute 15 kr./mo per subscriber to causes that try and improve the world we all share - when you subscribe simply pick your favorite

Be authentic

Our team stands by the causes we support and everyone up to the CEO takes action each and every month to support our partners in their mission

Be transparent

We aim to showcase in the most transparent way possible through our website and bi-annual reports on our impact the difference we are making as a community

Be community driven

We dont just support our partners with money, we aim to build a community of people who take real action for a better future

Be quality

We understand your mobile connection is a vital part of your life which is why we partnered with Telenor to provide exceptional service and quality to each and every customer

Be simple

1 simple low monthly fee gives you all the features you love with enough data, mins, text that you should never have to worry about unexpected charges

Step 3

We found trustworthy partners

At Worthmore, we have formed partnerships with incredible organizations such as the Growing Trees Network, the Resea Project, and Save the Children, all of whom are making a significant impact in their respective fields and contributing towards a sustainable future.

Our partnerships align with our values and transform our mobile services into a powerful tool for positive change. We are leading a movement within the telecommunications industry, where every connection made through Worthmore supports essential causes such as reforestation, ocean clean-up, and children's rights. By subscribing to our services, you are directly contributing to these vital initiatives.

Partner companies
Partner companies
Partner companies
Step 4

Build and grow our community

By joining Worthmore, you become a part of a progressive community that is dedicated to making a positive change. Switching your SIM card to Worthmore contributes to the chain reaction of transformation we are striving for.

As our community expands, so does our impact. Together, we are challenging the traditional ways of the telecommunications industry and demonstrating that sustainable and conscious connectivity is achievable.

Step five

Make it easy to Stand for something

By choosing to divert our marketing budget from traditional advertisements to causes you truly care about, we're not just making a statement—we're making a difference. It's time to show the industry that the millions spent on ads could be invested in something Worthmore.

With us, standing for something is as easy as switching your SIM card

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