An impact driven phone subscription

Switch to Worthmore and immediately begin reducing the social and environmental impact of your phone


  • 25kr/mo towards reducing the environmental impact of your phone

  • Free simple number switch and SIM card

  • 50 GB data + 10 GB EU data roaming

  • Unlimited national calling/SMS - 5hr international

  • Safe and secure network powered by Denmarks best provider

  • Excellent customer service - call us +45 9111 3247

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Learn more about how we aim to make the world a better place
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Together with our partners, we are developing a smarter subscription for our smartphones.

Our goal is to redefine how we resell, buy, and use our devices and make the entire process more transparent and circular through our #SmartStore, #SmartSubscription & #SmartApp.

Switching is easy!


Select your activation date

Simply send us the number on your current sim card and select your activation date.


Wait for your
new sim card

In Denmark, it should take between 3-5 business days to receive your new sim in the mail.

Activate Subscription

Switch out your old one

Switching your sim card is easy and takes only seconds

Switching is worth it

Get started


Hidden Fees

We operate on a prepaid model, which means it is simple and easy to understand your bill.


Excellent Customer Service

We understand the value of getting to speak to a real person, and we are here happy to help

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Same Reliable Network

We have partnered with the leading network in Denmark to provide a secure and reliable connection.

Makes a Difference

Each month 25kr from your bill goes to a collective impact pool where together we decide how we would like to offset the impact our phones are having on the planet.

With just 50.000 subscribers we will contribute 1.250.000kr/ month.

Could we make the bill 25kr cheaper - yes. Will we - no. If you are not so fond of making the world a better place, here is a list of our competitors.

Save money and the planet

Over 80% of a phone's impact comes from its production.

Buy your next phone secondhand with us and receive 2 months of free service while significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your next device.

  • 2 months free service + 2 year warranty

  • Free Return policy + delivery in Denmark

  • Split payments into monthly installments

  • 5% of the purchase price goes to charity

Calculate and reduce your digital carbon footprint

Our proprietary app is not only a simple way to pay and manage your subscription with us.

We use AI to enable users to track, reduce, and offset their digital carbon footprint effortlessly and help users reduce their emissions by up to 15%.

On top of this, we are working hard on integrating blockchain tracking into every impact we make so you can follow along on the journey.

worthmore app
Donate your used phones towards a good cause

Donate your used phones towards a good cause

Clear out your drawer and convert your old phones you no longer use into positive impact. Our partners will sustainably dispose of your phone, and 100% of your device value will be donated towards climate-friendly initiatives. We will also reward you for that good deed with credit off of your next bill.

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Learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why we think it is important.

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