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Yet 500 million young girls around the world cannot afford one.

We think that’s a problem - So we are partnering with @SheForShePads to support as many girls as possible with everything they need for a safe and healthy period

We have already raised

10.000+ DKK

To kickstart our collaboration with @SheforShepads the Worthmore impact fund has contributed 10.000 DKK to support over 50 girls with the supplies they need for a safe and healthy period.

How the money is used
Care Kits from She for She

A She for She care package includes 2 reusable pads + access to sexual education about menstural heath for young women in developing communities

Sexual Education

As a part of their care pakage She for She provides young girls with the sex education they need to understand their bodies and cycle

Female Empowerment

@Sheforshepads are handmade by a workforce of women in Uganda further boosting the social impact of our kits

Words From Our Partner

We are so excited to collaborate with the Worthmore community. It's inspiring to see how something as boring as a mobile phone company can be turned into a platform for change. Together we look forward to expanding our work and providing young women with the essential sanitary products and health education they need. Thank you so much for supporting us in our misison :D

- CEO of @SheForShePads


How it Works

Becoming a member at Worthmore helps us support various projects like She for She each and every month. Until the 1st of May, if you become a member from this page not only will you unlock all the perks of being a member, we will also pledge +100kr more to the She for She foundation. Let's make a difference together :)

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About She for She

She for She is leading the charge against menstrual health taboos in Africa. They are about more than just providing pads to young girls who cannot afford them. They also empower women in local communities by training and employing them to produce their kits, and facilitate menstrual education sessions for both boys and girls, aimed at fighting some of the stigmas surrounding menstruation.